Metoject® PEN

For guidelines on the administration of Metoject® PEN, please click on the relevant guidelines below.

Adult/Adolescent administration guidelines

Parent and child administration guidelines

Ordering Metoject® PEN

Metoject® PEN 7.5mg
PIP code: 387-1605
EAN code: 4037353000674

Metoject® PEN 10mg
PIP code: 387-1613
EAN code: 4037353000681

Metoject® PEN 12.5mg
PIP code: 387-1621
EAN code: 4037353001213

Metoject® PEN 15mg
PIP code: 387-1639
EAN code: 4037353001060

Metoject® PEN 17.5mg
PIP code: 387-1647
EAN code: 4037353001220

Metoject® PEN 20mg
PIP code: 387-1662
EAN code: 4037353001169

Metoject® PEN 22.5mg
PIP code: 387-1670
EAN code: 4037353002708

Metoject® PEN 25mg
PIP code: 387-1688
EAN code: 4037353001190

Metoject® PEN 27.5mg
PIP code: 387-1696
EAN code: 4037353006133

Metoject® PEN 30mg
PIP code: 387-1704
EAN code: 4037353001206

Metoject® PEN self administration video

Please click on the video link below to view a step by step video of the Metoject® PEN self injection process which is available to patients.