Lifetime management of arthritis – The value of MTX in clinical practice

Top-class speakers address various issues on methotrexate (MTX) therapy during all stages of life at medac EULAR satellite symposium in Rome, Italy

Medac has invited internationally highly distinguished experts for a satellite symposium on 11 June at the EULAR 2015 in Rome. The overall topic of the symposium reflects how methotrexate, the gold standard in therapy of rheumatoid arthritis, can accompany patients through stages of life.

“We feel honoured to have Prof James O’Dell chairing our symposium at this year’s EULAR. His work with MTX and other DMARDs in the well known triple therapy is a milestone in the treatment of RA” said Dr Ulrich Kosciessa, Managing Director of medac. As the worldwide leader for subcutaneous methotrexate therapy, medac has a long tradition in supporting autoimmune research and application focussing on methotrexate. Kosciessa added: “Other highlights of our top-class symposium will be the discussion of MTX in early therapy presented by Dr Suzanne Verstappen, UK, Dr Ivan Foeldvari, Germany, talking about juvenile idiopathic arthritis, as well as Dr Gerolamo Bianchi, Italy, presenting data on MTX therapy improvement in middle-aged patients.”